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Headlamp Restoration

Your headlamps have a thin protective film over the polycarbonate lens. While driving a variety of elements cause that protective film to deteriorate. In severe cases the headlamps no longer seem clear but appear yellow or foggy. Our headlamp restoration service can bring back the lens clarity lost from daily driving. Driving at night will no longer require having your high beams on.

Contributing to the discoloring of the lens surface is the exposure to the suns harsh UV rays. Other factors include the intense heat from your bulbs, acid rain, insects, road debris, chemicals and car wash brushes all have a negative effect. Over time the lens becomes less transparent dulling the strength of your bulbs.

One choice to remedy this issue would be to replace the headlamp assembly, very costly. When applicable the lens can be restored by performing a headlamp restoration.

The restoration process involves multiple steps to rejuvenate the appearance of your headlamp lens. The faulty lens is mechanically wet-sanded to completely remove the oxidation and film damage. Our trained technicians meticulously polish the lens to restore optical clarity. To protect your newly restored lens we apply our UV resistant chemical clear coat sealant.

Refinished lenses will have a deep, wet gloss and protection from the elements. Our restoration process will restore faded and yellowed headlights to a like new appearance. With great success our service usually keeps your headlamp looking new for a minimum of two years.

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