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A/C Service

When you have an accident in the winter do you think about the convenience Air Conditioning gives you in the summer? Our professional A/C service diagnosis can assure you that in the summer your Air conditioning will be working.

Being involved in an accident, the obvious damage isn’t always the only area requiring repairs. Our trained technicians look for those hidden damages that may result in future inconveniences. A constant commitment in investing in our technicians and facility allows us to properly repair your vehicle.

From a front end collision your A/C condenser is one of those parts that can be obvious damage. The condenser looks like a radiator and when damaged the Freon inside escapes.  When there is no Freon in your system your vehicle is now incapable of making cold air.

 A severe impact can harm lines and even the air compressor.Damage to the A/C fan assembly can cause future problems, if not detected. Without any of these vital components working your vehicle will not properly create cool air.

Our technicians have the required training and proper equipment to diagnose those issues. This is one of the difference's between a professional collision center and one who just repairs cars.

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