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Bumper Repair

You take your foot off the brake and then you hear that noise. Immediately you start yelling at yourself for the next ten minutes before getting out of the car. It never fails you don't want to make a claim for a bumper repair. Making a small claim might make my rates go up. You may be surprised your plastic bumper may be repairable!

With our skilled technicians and our Nitrogen welding system we can repair a cracked or torn bumper for considerably less than replacing it with a new part. Many customers are glad to find out we can save them money by doing a bumper repair. In doing a repair we use less paint, materials and alleviate the cost of a new part. In many instances the repair is less than your deductible.

Most importantly when we repair your bumper rather than replacing it, the biggest benefit is you’re helping our environment by not filling our landfills!

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