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Deployed Airbag

On September 1, 1998, our federal government made airbags a mandatory addition to all automobiles sold in the United States. An airbag is only one part of your supplemental restraint system. Seat belts are the first line of safety in an accident. With this in mind, airbags can be very dangerous or even deadly without wearing your seat belt.

A self-check test occurs every time you start your vehicle. If your air bag or SRS light stays on, it means your air bag may not deploy in the event of an accident.  A properly working system turns off the light after a few seconds. When an airbag light is on you should not drive your vehicle. Until corrective repairs have been made, your safety may be at risk.

Airbag deployment does not occur in every accident. Only as a result of sensors analyzing the impact will airbags deploy. Specifically in a moderate to severe crash.

Although most people believe that there car is a total loss when the airbag deploys, this is not true. when the airbag deploys this is a cost of repair. A total loss car is generally recognized as a car that would cost more to repair than it is worth.

Our airbag replacement service restores your airbag system to factory specifications. Using the very latest in repair technology our technicians are trained to diagnose your supplemental restraint systems. This insures proper function and safety upon the return of your vehicle.

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